Our services

VALANG CONSULTING is in charge of assisting you in the heavy task of looking for real properties but also in the final installation. You can take advantage of various services or chose the turnkey formula:

"Léman" formula
  • Research*
  • Renovations (excluding structural work)
  • Home staging
"À la carte" services
  • Research*
  • Renovations (excluding structural work)
  • Removal
  • Home staging
  • Photographer

* Our fees are calculated on the basis of the amount of the transaction price, excluding notary fees and other fees.

They vary between 2% and 4%, with a minimum of € 5,500.

The payment of fees is made upon signature of the authentic deed with a notary.


You wish to acquire a studio in the area between 25m² and 48m². The average price is 111 000 €


💡To give you an idea!

Install yourself comfortably without worrying about the rest for          120 000 € for a studio to 111 000 €

2 Rooms

You would rather opt for a 2-room apartment between 50m² and 65m² for an average price of 188 000 € in the region.

Appartement / Town house

A larger space will please you with an area for 100m², for a townhouse or an apartment where the average price will be 290 000 €.